Technology in the cab and on the road

John Deere and Ford are seeking to bring modern technology to rural America and in the cab. I sat in on a panel discussion featuring representatives from the companies to discuss how that may look in the future.

Listen to the audio below to hear the full discussion.

About the Speakers

Travis Hunt is a 19-year sales and marketing veteran with Ford Motor Company. In his current role as sales and business development manager at Ford Pro, Hunt is responsible for revenue generation for Ford Pro Intelligence, the software arm of Ford Pro. Ford Pro is a new global business within Ford committed to commercial customer productivity. Ford Pro delivers a work-ready suite of vehicles, products, and services for virtually every vocation, backed by technology and engineered for uptime. Hunt has a strong passion for marketing and consumer behavior and feels truly blessed to be able to build and apply those skills at Ford. Prior to joining Ford Pro, Hunt served as motorcraft marketing manager for Ford Customer Service Division and sales operations manager for Ford Division.

Ryan Jardon is the marketing manager for large tractors and tillage for John Deere. He facilitates marketing action related to large tractors, tillage, and precision ag integration with those products between John Deere’s factories and the market. Jardon has been with John Deere 11 years in a variety of factory and sales-region roles. He earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural systems technology from Iowa State University and his MBA from the University of Iowa.

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