Agricultural advocacy on a college campus

As I made my way into the marvelous building across from Beardshear hall. I could hear the bells of the campanile ringing. With a deep breath, I knew I was about to embark on a journey through the next chapter of my life.

Curtis Hall, once known as Agriculture Hall, houses innovation and collaboration that was critical to my time at Iowa State University. I discussed pressing issues with my peers and idealized my career in agriculture.

However, much of my class time was spent in other buildings for courses outside of my major, where I was often met with resistance or curiosity by non-ag students. In Student Government, I met individuals who thought the future of animal agriculture was bleak and that turning to vegetarianism would secure their diet. Multiple columns published by the Iowa State Daily questioned agriculture’s role in providing a sustainable future.

Advocating for agriculture is a difficult task, even when attending a land-grant school that was formed and predicated on educating the next generation of agriculturalists. I discussed some of these challenges with Lauren Mosher, a recent Iowa State graduate. We also talked about how the College of Ag already advocates for students in the industry through outreach events.

Mosher graduated from ISU with a degree in agriculture communications, animal science and public relations. She has spent much of her life advocating for the industry through the lense of a producer, student and industry professional.

Check out our full conversation below.

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