Celebrating National Ag Week

It’s National Ag Week!

What better time is there to celebrate those that feed, fuel, and clothe the world than the new season?

Agriculture is also a major economic driver locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. So much so that, according to the United Nations, agriculture is the world’s single largest employer. Countless jobs are available at every level of the supply chain, providing for individuals and families year-round. 

I chatted with Hope Brecht, the Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers communications specialist, to discuss how the organization benefits the agriculture and livestock industry.

The CSIF was created by farmers in 2004 with the mission of working with farmers to advocate and help implement on-farm best-management practices that assist Iowa’s farm families in raising livestock responsibly and successfully.

CSIF is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that assists farmers at no cost.

Check out the full conversation below.

For more information about the Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers, check out their website here.

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