Farm Safety with the National Farm Medicine Center

Farm safety is a personal subject for many. While farming is a noble pursuit, it comes with many hazards and health risks that farmers and visitors should be aware of. I sat with Scott Heiberger, the communications manager for the National Farm Medicine Center, to discuss the latest in farm safety and how the center has strived for 25 years of success in promoting a culture of safety.

Iowa’s agricultural sustainability with John Norwood

Iowa and other states in the Midwest lead the U.S. in soil fertility and productive farmland. Iowa farmers use upward of 30 million acres to produce food, fiber, and fuel. While Iowa has much to be proud of as an agriculture leader, John Norwood, the Democratic candidate running for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, said thereContinue reading “Iowa’s agricultural sustainability with John Norwood”

Episode 1: Agvocating for animal agriculture with Ethan Lambert

On my first-ever Heartland Report podcast episode, I sat down with Ethan Lambert, a sixth-generation grain farmer and cattleman to discuss the recent attacks on animal agriculture through both successful and failed legislation.

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