Good Grazing Makes Cent$ Connects Ranchers to Range Science

In an effort to connect farmers, ranchers, and land managers to current, usefulrange management resources, the Society for Range Management (SRM) launched Good Grazing Makes Cent$ (GGMC). Through conversation and collaboration between range scientists and ranchers, GGMC aims to provide practical, applicable, and economically feasible range management practices which can ultimately improve productivity of theContinue reading “Good Grazing Makes Cent$ Connects Ranchers to Range Science”

New Bill in the Senate Introduces Major Changes in the Animal Industry

Joe Maxwell and Ricardo Salvador share their thoughts on a piece of legislation in the Senate that would directly impact animal agriculture if passed.

Senate and President Trump Approve USMCA

Since NAFTA went into effect on January 1, 1994, trade restrictions were reduced, and the free market was broadened for North America. It eliminated trade barriers and helped to protect intellectual property rights. This agreement made North America the largest free trade market in the world. Now, 26 years later, Congress approved the new UnitedContinue reading “Senate and President Trump Approve USMCA”

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