Biden administration missed the mark on clean fuels

The EPA announced a proposal that would require electric vehicles to make up about two-thirds of new car sales by 2032. However, the proposal skips over readily-available biofuels that would help the Biden administration reach its climate targets.

Agricultural advocacy on a college campus

Lauren Mosher joins me to discuss how we can be a voice for the industry when our peers are unaware of and skeptical of our career paths. Lauren uses her knowledge and skills to advocate for the beef industry on and off the farm.

Crop-based biofuels still play a role in clean and affordable energy

Germany is mulling over a plan to phase out crop-based biofuels. Is it working to eliminate a critical tool too quickly?

NCBA calls on Senate to pass Livestock Regulatory Protection Act

NCBA urged the Senate Committee on Environment and Public works to approve legislation that would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from ‘overregulation’ in of the livestock industry.

Iowa’s agricultural sustainability with John Norwood

Iowa and other states in the Midwest lead the U.S. in soil fertility and productive farmland. Iowa farmers use upward of 30 million acres to produce food, fiber, and fuel. While Iowa has much to be proud of as an agriculture leader, John Norwood, the Democratic candidate running for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, said thereContinue reading “Iowa’s agricultural sustainability with John Norwood”

Episode 1: Agvocating for animal agriculture with Ethan Lambert

On my first-ever Heartland Report podcast episode, I sat down with Ethan Lambert, a sixth-generation grain farmer and cattleman to discuss the recent attacks on animal agriculture through both successful and failed legislation.

New bill would grant Black Farmers up to 160 acres a person

On Nov. 30, 2020, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) introduced the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020. He says this bill will address the history of discrimination towards Black farmers and prevent future discrimination. If enacted, the bill would transfer 32 million acres to black farmers within 20 years, with each eligible Black farmerContinue reading “New bill would grant Black Farmers up to 160 acres a person”

New Bill in the Senate Introduces Major Changes in the Animal Industry

Joe Maxwell and Ricardo Salvador share their thoughts on a piece of legislation in the Senate that would directly impact animal agriculture if passed.

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