Agricultural advocacy on a college campus

Lauren Mosher joins me to discuss how we can be a voice for the industry when our peers are unaware of and skeptical of our career paths. Lauren uses her knowledge and skills to advocate for the beef industry on and off the farm.

NCBA calls on Senate to pass Livestock Regulatory Protection Act

NCBA urged the Senate Committee on Environment and Public works to approve legislation that would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from ‘overregulation’ in of the livestock industry.

The US beef cattle herd is shrinking – what does that mean for beef prices?

Inflation has been a main driver of beef prices in 2022. However, another factor of supply and demand could help drive prices higher in the coming months.

Episode 1: Agvocating for animal agriculture with Ethan Lambert

On my first-ever Heartland Report podcast episode, I sat down with Ethan Lambert, a sixth-generation grain farmer and cattleman to discuss the recent attacks on animal agriculture through both successful and failed legislation.

This Weeks Forecast: Hot, Hot, Hot

I am sure many people are on board with me when I say, this week is really hot. Ever since the July 4th weekend came, temperatures have shot up and continued to stay up. I would say the downside of having a job outside is dealing with extreme temperatures. I even feel bad for theContinue reading “This Weeks Forecast: Hot, Hot, Hot”

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