Biden administration missed the mark on clean fuels

The EPA announced a proposal that would require electric vehicles to make up about two-thirds of new car sales by 2032. However, the proposal skips over readily-available biofuels that would help the Biden administration reach its climate targets.

“It’s Corn!” A viral TikTok sound meets a leading agricultural commodity!

There are many amazing things about corn and how it helps the U.S. and the world. It’s no wonder how this commodity was picked up on a viral video.

Is Agriculture the Real Enemy of Environmental Activists?

For years, mainstream media and public figures blamed agriculture as one of the top contributors to global warming. “cow farts” are said to be destroying our clean air, and farming takes up way too much land to farm. While the latter is true, many claims made to shut down American agriculture are not. According toContinue reading “Is Agriculture the Real Enemy of Environmental Activists?”

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