Crop-based biofuels still play a role in clean and affordable energy

Germany is mulling over a plan to phase out crop-based biofuels. Is it working to eliminate a critical tool too quickly?

“It’s Corn!” A viral TikTok sound meets a leading agricultural commodity!

There are many amazing things about corn and how it helps the U.S. and the world. It’s no wonder how this commodity was picked up on a viral video.

NCBA calls on Senate to pass Livestock Regulatory Protection Act

NCBA urged the Senate Committee on Environment and Public works to approve legislation that would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from ‘overregulation’ in of the livestock industry.

Roots of the Past, Tracing Sustainability back to its Source when Moving Forward

This article was published with the permission of CIBO Technologies Sustainability. We have heard the repetition of this term repeatedly; in the classroom, the news, and seminars. Sustainability “helps us balance the goals of environmental, economic, and societal opportunities for present and future generations while maintaining—and even enhancing—the quality of the farmland.” The importance ofContinue reading “Roots of the Past, Tracing Sustainability back to its Source when Moving Forward”

Is Agriculture the Real Enemy of Environmental Activists?

For years, mainstream media and public figures blamed agriculture as one of the top contributors to global warming. “cow farts” are said to be destroying our clean air, and farming takes up way too much land to farm. While the latter is true, many claims made to shut down American agriculture are not. According toContinue reading “Is Agriculture the Real Enemy of Environmental Activists?”

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